Cambridge Weight Plan: Month Four

I’m now four months into the Cambridge Weight Plan. That’s sixteen whole weeks of sacrifice, determination and most importantly, results. Having had my slowest weight loss so far last month, I managed to double that figure this month and lose 10lbs!

After returning from Rome, I saw the biggest impact from getting back on plan in the first week of the month. I lost 5lbs in seven days, which is testament to how successful the Cambridge diet really can be if you stick to it. This was followed by 2lbs the next week, then another 2lbs, before ending the month on a 1lb loss. I’ve learned that weight loss tends to fluctuate like this, as it simply wouldn’t be sustainable to keep losing big numbers every week – that would be too easy!

But, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had moments of doubt this month. The pressure to stray off-plan when socialising is often too much to resist and I’ll find myself indulging in something I shouldn’t. Feeling guilty when you eat something you shouldn’t is the worst part of being on any diet. It’s why so many people disagree with them and see the dangers of diet culture. But, they are a means to an end, they are not meant to be followed forever. While we would all eat healthily and exercise in a perfect world, some of us need a helping hand to get the ball rolling. Then, it’s a matter of maintaining those results with permanent lifestyle changes.

I’ve taken a huge step forward into making those lifestyle changes this month by cancelling my PureGym membership (I hadn’t been in months) and joining the Village Gym. While the price is steeper, the facilities are much better quality and there’s also a pool. Getting back into my swimming costume in front of people was a huge milestone for me and going to the pool regularly will only help to keep building my confidence.

My consultant gave me a voucher for £5 off this month, so I used it to try one of the water flavouring products. I went for the watermelon one and it’s delicious! The golden rule of the Cambridge Weight Plan is to drink water, at least 2.5 litres a day, but it can get tiresome drinking plain old water all the time. Rather than reaching for diluting juice, the flavourings are designed to give it some taste without going off-plan.

After a great month, my total weight loss since I started the plan is 39lbs – that’s only 3lbs away from 3 stone. While I’m sure more challenges will lie ahead and my weight may fluctuate now and then, I’m confident that I’ll never see the same number on the scales I did in January again. And that’s a pretty nice feeling.

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