PVRIS: UK Tour Review

O2 ABC, Glasgow
Monday 4 April 2016

Chances are, you might not have heard of PVRIS. The female-fronted trio have only one EP and album to their name, White Noise, which made the cut of my top five albums of 2015. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see these guys on their very first UK headline tour.

Underestimating their popularity, tickets sold out in small venues across the country in record time. Commence Twitter meltdown. But, PVRIS had an ace up their sleeve and upgraded the majority of shows, which saw the Glasgow gig moved from the Garage to the O2 ABC. Even then, the ABC is packed to the glitterball rafters when PVRIS take to the stage.

PVRIS Glasgow 01

The trio suitably open with “Smoke”, the first track on their debut album. The infectious beat awakes the crowd and has them joining in from the get-go. PVRIS keep the energy high with “Mirrors”, before diving straight into the only single from White Noise, “St. Patrick”. One of the most memorable songs off the album, it’s clear to see why it gets the crowd moving with its’ upbeat chorus and raspy vocals.

There’s no denying the power of Lynn Gunn’s voice, but it’s the clarity of it live that impresses me most. She rarely misses a note and transitions from soft vocals to screamo effortlessly. She showcases her voice in a sublime track from their acoustic EP, “Only Love”, which holds the audience in an emotional trance.

PVRIS Glasgow 02

The backdrop of the stage emulates the mirror seen on the cover of White Noise, which changes reflection from song to song. An apparition of Gunn’s face appears, as she makes a plea for the crowd to put their phones away for the entirety of the next song and enjoy being present at a gig. The track in question is “Holy”, but it only takes a matter of moments for the phones to reappear. Gunn sees the funny side of it and incorporates ‘don’t think I don’t see that phone’ into the lyrics, but it’s quite sad that the request couldn’t be fulfilled.

With only ten songs on their debut album, not a single one gets missed in the setlist, which guarantees everyone will hear their favourite. The band launch into their so-called final song of the night, the relentless “Let Them In”, but there’s a couple of notable omissions in the set, which give away their encore. PVRIS leave the stage and only return after a barrage of ‘here we f***ing go!’ chants from the Glaswegian crowd.

They treat the audience to a rendition of their latest single, “You and I”, which is more melodic than the majority of tracks seen on White Noise. The chorus is designed for a live crowd, encouraging everyone to join in, as Gunn bounces about the stage. They end the night on a high with my favourite track, “My House”, which embodies the unwavering spirit of the band perfectly. If you still haven’t heard of PVRIS, you’re about to in 2016…

Featured Image: Emma Swann©

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