LouiseLIVE 2016 Review

EICC, Edinburgh
Saturday 20th August 2016

In case you don’t know, YouTube is kind of a big deal. Vlogging has become nothing short of a sensation – that’s blogging with a video camera in case you don’t know that either – with new and established YouTubers alike trying their hand at it. One such YouTuber who has been around for no less than seven years now is Louise Pentland, or Sprinkle of Glitter as she’s more commonly known. Having expanded her fashion and lifestyle videos into vlogging her everyday life, Louise has gone one step further by taking her show on the road – literally.

Started in 2014 as an improvement to the traditional ‘Meet and Greet’ scenario, LouiseLIVE is a showcase of everything Louise has to offer, from advice to anecdotes, allowing her audience to see beyond the glitter. This year brings shows in Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham and London, and I snapped up tickets for the Edinburgh show the moment they went on sale. Having watched Louise for years now, she is often a source of inspiration in my life for positivity and empowerment, and I was excited to see what a live show would have in store.

The aptly-named Pentland Suite in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) has hand-signed flyers on each seat thanking us for coming, which is a testament to how much Louise truly values her fans. It’s a small gesture, but it instantly puts a smile on my face as I take a seat to admire the stage. Much like her Sprinkle of Glitter diary, the backdrop features some of Louise’s favourite pictures hanging in golden frames around a bedazzled screen, with a recreation of her bedroom below (complete with real fairy lights!). From the side of stage, Louise announces she’s about to come on and is greeted by her audience, as she struts on in sparkly heels and a white dress.

What quickly becomes apparent about LouiseLIVE is that it is unfiltered – gone is the PG content of her YouTube channel in favour of more adult material that resonates with me and the parents in the audience more than it does with the younger girls. That’s why it came as no surprise when Louise just released a video and blog post on how she would like to move away from the sickly-sweet content of Sprinkle of Glitter onto more mature material – she is a 31-year-old woman, after all!

Louise Pentland

The show touches on several subjects close to Louise’s heart, including motherhood, dating, travelling and body confidence. In essence, it’s a stand-up comedy show that provides an unbridled outlook on these topics with an underlying message of confidence and female empowerment. What makes LouiseLIVE so enjoyable is just how relatable it is, particularly for a single 25-year-old girl like myself, when it comes to dating and self-esteem (the motherhood part is still a while away!). It’s one of the reasons I enjoy watching Louise and couldn’t be more excited that she’s going to focus more on this type of content in future.

She doesn’t forget about her younger fans, however, as she wants to promote body confidence from as young as possible. In one of several audience interaction segments, she gets everyone to stand and hold up their hand if they have ever had a negative thought about themselves. She then gets everyone to look around and see how this is something we all do and needs to change. Louise works down from whether you’ve had a negative thought in the last month to the last week to this day, getting those to sit down that haven’t. As body confidence is something we spend our lives working on, it’s an important issue to highlight and emphasise just how little impact other’s opinions of us have on our lives.

LouiseLIVE comes to a close with glitter cannons and the promise of a new era for Sprinkle of Glitter as we know it. For those that couldn’t make the show or just want to relive it, Louise is releasing her very first DVD of the performance, which was filmed at her final tour date in London. Not bad for what started as a three-month hobby to bust boredom…

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