Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #10

I can’t believe we’re ten weeks into 2017 already! The days are getting noticeably longer and it’s starting to feel like spring is just around the corner. I started this week in a pretty bad place, but I’m so pleased to say I’ve turned it around. Here’s a few things that made my week worthwhile. 

1) Challenging myself

I dabbled in a bit of freelance writing this week in an area I knew nothing about – philosophy. When I first read the brief, I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. I even contemplated admitting defeat and asking for another article to write instead. But, I decided to push myself to expand my horizons and dived head first into research. I ended up finding the piece really interesting to write and was so proud of the final product, considering how lost I felt at first! I’m excited to see it in print.

2) Going on a booze cruise

The Lochrin Belle

On Friday, I went on Edinburgh’s version of a booze cruise with colleagues from work, which involved climbing aboard the Lochrin Belle to drink for three hours! It was very surreal, but a lot of fun. We went to a pub afterwards to watch the rugby and managed to smash not one, not two, but FOUR glasses without getting thrown out! Good effort, lads.

3) Watching the rugby

Gus and I ventured to Stramash, one of my favourite bars in Edinburgh, to watch the big game on Saturday – Scotland vs. England. It was absolutely heaving and we managed to sit in an area that was filled with English supporters, but it was still a good atmosphere to watch the game. Sadly, we got absolutely thrashed! But, I might make an effort to go to the pub to watch games more often.

4) Gutting the flat

On Sunday, I finally did what I’ve been putting off for so long – gut the flat! This involved cleaning and tidying every single room. It took me almost four hours and I was absolutely knackered by the end, but I’m so pleased I did it. I’ve been letting the household chores slide after my injury, which is why it took so long. I’ll definitely be staying on top of it from now on to avoid doing that again!

5) A delicious Sunday roast

Sunday roast

As a nice reward for gutting the flat, Gus made me an incredible Sunday roast. He recently invested in a slow cooker and oh my goodness, it is wonderful! He even made IRN BRU HAM! I can’t get over how much it tasted like the drink – bloody delicious! I’ve convinced him to try Dr Pepper next time…

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