Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #13

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed this post is a day (almost two) late. I barely stopped all weekend and had a ridiculously long day at work today, but there’s no way I’m missing a week of these round-ups! So, here’s my highlights of the week gone by.

1) A day off

Something that brings a smile to everyone’s face, I had a (well-earned!) day off work on Monday. I’d like to say I spent it with my feet up, but I had to run a load of errands and hunt down a birthday present. I also had a fairly stressful journey back to Edinburgh with numerous roadworks along the way. But, it was nice to have a four day week ahead of me!

2) A productive day

I went back to work on Tuesday with a clear schedule. This meant I could use it to catch up on all the little bits and bobs that had amassed over the month. It was such a productive day! So much so, I think it’d be worthwhile to dedicate a day to picking up loose ends every month. Easier said than done, mind you!

3) Cleaning the flat

True to my word, I didn’t wait for the flat to become a total tip before cleaning it again. It’s been three weeks since I thoroughly gutted the place, so it was a much smaller job this time. I also tidied away all the odds and ends I’ve been ignoring and it feels so good to have a presentable flat!

4) Mexican food

Believe it or not, I never used to eat Mexican food. I have such a low tolerance to spice, so I always maintained I wouldn’t like it. That was until I discovered the joy of nachos (without jalapeños) and fajitas. Now, my favourite bar in Edinburgh is a Mexican cantina – go figure! The beauty of Mexican food is that you can make it really easily at home, which is exactly what I did for Gus and I on Saturday.

5) (Another!) Sunday roast

My parents made a rare trip to Edinburgh on Sunday to attend some flat viewings with me. It was a lovely sunny day, so we ended up going out for a Sunday roast afterwards. We headed to The OX on London Street, which is a nice place I’ve been to once before. I wasn’t a fan of the fatty beef they gave us, but everything else was delicious. I made up for the meat with a scrumptious fruit crumble, washed down with a cider. The perfect Sunday!

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