Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #17

Sunday has snuck up on us again, which means it’s time for another happiness round-up. If you’ve stuck with me for all these weeks, thank you so much. It’s a lovely feeling to know there are those out there who care for the little things that make my week worthwhile. I hope they inspire you to reflect on your week and embrace the positive parts, too. Without further ado, here’s my highlights of the week gone by.

1) A city break

As I mentioned in last week’s round-up, Mum and I jetted off to Munich on Saturday morning for five days. It was our first time in the city, so we had plenty of exploring to do. Sadly, the weather had other ideas. We had one beautiful day of sunshine; the rest of the time it rained and even snowed a bit on our last day (in April?!). But, we still had a good time visiting the English Garden, Nymphenburg Palace, Hellabrunn Zoo and loads more! It was super easy to get around with all the trains, trams and buses, so even though we stayed out of the city centre, it wasn’t a problem. I’d love to visit Hamburg next, so I’ll have been to the three biggest cities in Germany.

2) Days off

I arrived back from Munich on Wednesday night and had the rest of the week off work for a well-earned rest. I spent time with the dogs, wrote some blog posts, went out for dinner with Mum and had a LOT of tea. I drove back to Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon, which meant no traffic – bonus!

3) Getting a Paramore ticket

After rejoicing about the return of Paramore last week, tickets went on sale for their upcoming tour on Friday morning. I had been emailed a code for the Spotify presale, but it sadly wasn’t working when I tried it. So, I was on Ticketmaster for 9am on Friday… and was immediately told there was no tickets available. I must have hit refresh no less than 50 times on that bloody page, but was told the same thing. I had a look on Twitter and saw loads of people complaining they were having the same issue. But, I also saw someone recommend the Usher Hall website for tickets. Thankfully, I managed to get a seat! I would’ve preferred standing, but the sheer panic made me grateful for anything I could get. Now, I can look forward to seeing them on the 22nd June!

4) Dinner and drinks

I ventured out on Saturday night for dinner and drinks with my friend Ewan to the Black Fox (for a change!). I didn’t tell him I’d already had a couple of ciders before leaving the flat… So, it didn’t take me long to feel tipsy, alongside the many cocktails we consumed! We were joined by Gus and his girlfriend Heledd after dinner and had a nice wee night, complete with black labrador cuddles!

5) A day to myself

By some form of miracle, I woke up on Sunday hangover-free. So, I decided to head out for some brunch at TriBeCa and treat myself to some pancakes. I then went for a stroll along the Water of Leith and a quick look in the Stockbridge Market, before wandering back down to Leith. After an intense week surrounded by people, it was nice to take some time for myself.

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