Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #19

Hello possums! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Between my best friend’s birthday, seeing Take That and having a long weekend, I’ve had a pretty great time. It’s weeks like these that make these posts a joy to write! So, here’s the five best parts of the week gone by…

1) The Olive Fox post

On Monday, my very first article for The Olive Fox went live on The Road to Recovery. I absolutely adore The Olive Fox and have wanted to write for them for ages, but lacked the confidence to approach them. It was only after establishing this blog and developing my prowess as a writer that I felt I was able to pitch an idea and see it through to fruition. I also feel like the the last couple years of my life have taught me so much in terms of mental health, which I lacked the bravery to discuss. I’m really proud of the final piece and hope it helps at least one person out there who is struggling.

2) Seeing Take That

Take That

I would say that Take That are a guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel a shred of guilt – I bloody love them! I’ve seen them twice before and they know how to put on a spectacular show. Thursday was third time lucky, as we had the most amazing seats to see them at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. They had a circular stage in the middle of the arena, which meant everyone had a good view, and we were sitting where the stage usually is. We were right beside where the acts were coming on and off the stage, so got to see everything! The set was a great mix of new and old songs, so I was singing and (shamelessly) dancing all night. I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person in the entire arena, mind you…

3) Paramore’s new album

I’ve been chatting about Paramore a lot in recent posts, but I’m so excited they’re back! They released their new album, After Laughter, on Friday and it is wonderful. The sound is so refreshing different and upbeat, but contrasted impeccably with heart-wrenching lyrics. As the title suggests, the album focuses on the hardships the band have faced in recent years with clever references to older songs they no longer believe in. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since its release and my early favourites are “Tell Me How” and “Told You So”. I only have to wait a few more weeks to see them live!

4) Celebrating Sam’s birthday

Escape Edinburgh

My best friend turned 26 this week and came to Edinburgh to celebrate this weekend. I had booked a couple of surprises for her, rather than just going out and drinking like we usually do. We went to Escape Edinburgh to participate in the Contagion game, where we found ourselves locked in a room after a zombie apocalypse with the mission to find the antidote and get out in 60 minutes or less. It was so much fun! We got to use a thermal imaging camera and LED torch, as well as using our brain power to crack the puzzles. We made it out with four minutes to spare and I’ve never been so proud of us! We then headed to one of my favourite Mexicans, Topolabamba, where we enjoyed some food and drinks. It was then time for my next surprise – tickets to the Stand Comedy Club! We had a good old belly laugh in between sipping rum and ended the night in The Basement. On Sunday, we nipped to Piecebox for brunch and then Mimi’s Bakehouse for a delicious slice of cake. A brilliant weekend all round!

5) A long weekend

I found myself with a lot of holidays left at work this year, so I put in for this Friday and Monday off. I spent Friday shopping and trying not to have a breakdown in the changing rooms of many a shop… which motivated me to get my butt back to the gym on Sunday! I’ve now got a long lie to look forward to tomorrow and another four day week at work…

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