Life Update: A Big Move

A month or so ago, I teased that I had some pretty big news but didn’t want to tempt fate. After keeping quiet for what feels like forever, I can finally share a pretty exciting milestone in my life…

I’ve bought my first ever flat!

Yup! At 25-years-old, I’m taking the first step onto the property ladder. It feels so surreal, but I’m incredibly proud and grateful to be in this position. All we ever hear these days is how impossible it is for young people like myself to afford a property (because we’re too busy buying avocados, apparently). But, it is possible. I officially have a mortgage in my name and can wave goodbye to paying someone else’s for them!

You never quite know how life is going to turn out. I never imagined permanently moving from the west coast and building a life for myself in Edinburgh. I first came to the capital in 2014 to study MSc Publishing and lived here for nine months. But, I couldn’t wait to move back home. I pictured getting a job in Glasgow and moving there or commuting from my hometown. Yet, I soon found myself missing Edinburgh. I had made friends here and wanted to see more of the city after confining myself to the university and my studies.


So, I moved back and got a job. I stayed in flat after flat across the city from Bruntsfield to Newington to Gorgie, before settling in Leith for the past year. My parents and I had discussed the possibility of buying a flat, rather than continuing to rent, if I was serious about staying in the city. I can honestly say I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. Of course, we never know what lies ahead, but right now I’m happy in this beautiful city and don’t want to leave anytime soon.

We secured a mortgage in principle and got searching for the perfect flat. It’s such a different experience than looking for rented accommodation. Rented flats go so, so quickly in this city. You have to book a viewing as soon as possible and state your interest straight away if you want to stand any chance of getting it. When buying a property, you can take your time and choose the right one for you. I actually had companies contacting me multiple times to follow up on viewings, which would never happen with rented flats. You feel much more valued, but of course, the stakes are higher.

So, let’s get to the exciting bit! Where is my new flat? It’s in Crewe Toll, an area to the north of the city centre that I’ve never lived in before. It’s near the Royal Botanic Garden, where I’ll be spending a lot more time this summer, and the Western General Hospital is right around the corner, should I ever fall off a treadmill again! There’s a massive Morrisons less than five minutes away, as well as a leisure centre if I fancy going for a swim. The journey to work shouldn’t be any longer than it is just now on the bus, which is another bonus, and I’m only a short distance away from Stockbridge.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The best part is, my flat is still a relatively new build. It’s only four years old! I’m on the top floor, which is the fourth, and there’s a lift so I don’t have to clamber up and down flights of stairs every day. It’s a good-sized one bedroom place with a beautiful bathroom and modern kitchen. Now, I get to furnish it! I’m absolutely dying for a corner couch and may have found the perfect one. I also get to choose a brand-new bed, which is way more exciting than it should be…

If I’m honest, I never thought I’d be buying my first flat on my own. I’ll even admit I was a bit sad about not having someone to move in with. Most people buy their first home with their partner and start to build a life together, but I’m not most people. I’ve realised this is something to be proud of. I’m confident and strong and free to do whatever I please. By buying a flat, I’m not cementing my place as a spinster; I’m asserting myself as an independent adult.

All that’s left to do is count down the days until I get the keys on Friday 16th June! I’m so excited to start the next chapter of my life and see what the future holds.


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