Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #21

What a scorcher this week has been! Thankfully, I’ve managed to avoid turning into a lobster like every other person I’ve passed in the street (mostly because I’ve been sheltering at work). It’s really starting to feel like summer is upon us, which means I need to find a cooler way to wear black. Sunshine aside, here’s what has made me smile this week.

1) (Another) Escape Room

Exit Plan Edinburgh

After doing an escape room with Sam for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, I found myself locked in another elaborate room with work colleagues this week. As part of a social event, 22 of us were split into three teams and locked in different rooms at the same time to see who would be victorious. The prize for the winning team was three bottles of prosecco. Was I certain my team would soon be sipping bubbles? Absolutely. Did we win? Absolutely not. In fact, we came last! I was gutted, but it was a difficult room (actually three rooms and a cupboard) and I don’t think there’s much my team could’ve done differently to escape faster. If you’ve never done an escape room, I’d recommend it – just keep your team to a reasonable amount or it gets a bit out of hand!

2) Pizza in the park

Friday was a glorious day in Edinburgh, reaching 29 degrees! Nearly all of my office descended on Princes Street Garden for lunch to soak up as much sun as we could. My team and I grabbed a (half price) pizza from the legendary Dough to eat, which was the first one I’ve had in ages. I’m looking forward to many more lunches in the garden, maybe just not as warm!

3) Visiting family

Saturday was a productive little day that involved getting life insurance (scary times), furniture shopping, seeing the dogs and visiting family. My cousin recently had a gorgeous baby, who I met for the first time. Her sister also had a baby eight months ago, who I haven’t seen since he was weeks ago, so I got to spend some time with him too. Just look how adorable they are!

4) Going to the hairdresser

As you can see from the picture above, my roots are back with a vengeance! So, I headed back to the hairdresser on Sunday to sort them out and get the blue back in my ends. I opted for more blue than last time and it’s came out a deep blue/purple shade, which I love! The thing with putting colour in your hair is you never quite know how it is going to turn out and no two trips to the salon are the same. Stay tuned for shameless selfies…

5) Sorting my life out

I’m ending this week content that everything I needed to do has been done. It’s a great feeling to get through your to-do list and start the new week afresh. Sadly, I don’t have the Bank Holiday off tomorrow, but I am working from home in the afternoon so the day won’t feel as long (hopefully!).

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