Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #22

With Monday on the horizon, it’s time to reflect on the week gone by again… I won’t lie to you and say it’s been an easy week. In fact, I could do with crawling under a rock for the foreseeable future. But, there are always good moments in every week and it’s important to remind myself of that when I get overwhelmed. So, here’s the parts of my week that brought a smile to my face.

1) Dinner with my parents

Monday was a good day for getting things sorted for my new flat. My parents came to Edinburgh and ordered a new carpet, bed frame and mattress to be delivered the weekend I move in. I’ve already chosen a sofa, so everything is coming together nicely. I met my parents after work to go for dinner at The Refinery and had a celebratory cocktail (which was miles better than the food, sadly). It’s less than two weeks until I get the keys!

2) A trip to The Basement

Another night, another dinner out. Gus and I headed to our favourite bar on Tuesday for some much-needed Mexican food and drinks. I had nachos and chicken fajitas, as well as a one of their new cocktails. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the night was the waitress giving us tokens for 20% off EVERYTHING because we’re regulars. Just when I thought The Basement couldn’t get any better…

3) Celebrating success

To celebrate landing the biggest contract in the history of the company and the end of the financial year, my work bought boxes (and I mean boxes) of prosecco for Friday. It was a beautiful, sunny evening – just look at that view from my office – so I enjoyed a glass or two or three… with my colleagues. The night ended with 14″ pizzas each and trying to skateboard down Rose Street. Do not recommend after a night of prosecco.

4) Walking the girls

I had a bit of a crisis on Saturday and couldn’t face being alone in the flat, so I went home for the night. I’m lucky I can do that when I’m feeling fragile and even more lucky to have two beautiful dogs waiting for me at the other end. I often get slagged for talking about the girls so much, but when I’m at my lowest, they can pick me up like nothing else can. After spending Saturday night cuddling them, I took them on a long walk with my Dad on Sunday morning. We went to Eglinton Country Park, which is conveniently close to my brother’s house and passed so many other dogs, as well as a horse and cart!

5) Reading in the sun

I spent my Sunday afternoon in the garden with my feet up in the sunshine, book in hand. I go through phases of not being able to focus enough to read, so it was nice to get back into the swing of it. I’m currently reading Caraval, which is reminding me so much of The Night Circus so far, one of my favourite books. Hopefully it won’t take me months to finish!

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