Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #27

Sorry I haven’t been very active on here of late. Between moving house, having no Wi-Fi and next to no motivation, it’s been hard to bring myself to sit down and write. I thought having no internet would encourage me to write, but I seem to have done anything but. If I’m honest, I’ve been struggling to find things to include in these round-ups. My weeks have been very repetitive and I’m tired of listing all the places I’ve been to eat and drink. But, I’m feeling a bit more rejuvenated this week and here’s why…

1) Some downtime

Remember last week I said I didn’t have much time to myself? I made a point of rectifying that this week by not going out on weeknights. I got up, went to work and came home, and it was bliss! The one night I met my friend for dinner and a few drinks, I was itching to get home again. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself it’s that I need to be alone more than most.

2) Zoo party realness

Friday was our big summer party at work. Last year, we had a 90s hip-hop party; this year, it was an animal-themed evening at Edinburgh Zoo! We even got a face painter into the office to work her magic on a few of us. I chose to go as a zebra alongside a few other colleagues, but we had a whole spectrum of animals from lions to elephants, butterflies to ladybirds. We started the evening with a quiz that took us around the zoo looking for animal facts. I totally forgot how hilly Edinburgh Zoo is! I was all for getting a selfie with the zebras, but the hill was enough to put me off… The quiz was followed by a BBQ, then it was time to have a drink and (eventually) a dance. It was another great social event and I’m looking forward to the next one!

3) Getting internet

After what feels like an eternity back in the Dark Ages, I finally got Wi-Fi in my new flat on Saturday. It wasn’t without issues, though, as it was meant to go live on Thursday. So, I had to contact Sky, who got an engineer round to fix the problem. I was originally told he wouldn’t be able to attend until the 12th, but he unexpectedly showed up on Saturday, which was a bonus. The first thing I did was catch up on Drag Race on Netflix…

4) Horse riding

I went horse riding again this weekend. This time, I was put on a much bigger horse called Arnold, who was an incredible 30-years-old! An old timer, he didn’t put a foot wrong throughout the hack, despite being surrounded by children on ponies they couldn’t control. I would love to get back into riding, but it’s extremely expensive in Edinburgh (a hack alone is £30). Watch this space, though!

5) Spider-Man: Homecoming

To round off the week, I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming on Sunday night. My friend and I went to Chiquito beforehand, which was my first time ever eating there. The food was pretty decent and I get a discount with my Unlimited card, so I’ll probably venture back at some point. The movie was also pretty decent, but not much more than that. While it was enjoyable to watch, I didn’t think it was anything special. Still a good way to end the week, however.

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