Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #28

Hello, hello! How’s your week been? I’ve had a stressful time lately, but I’ve got a whole week off (and the small matter of my birthday) to look forward to. This week wasn’t without highlights, though, so without further ado – here they are!

1) Dinner with Dad

Like the hero he is, my Dad came up to Edinburgh on Thursday to deal with the carpet fitter while I was at work. We met afterwards and headed to Gusto on George Street for dinner. After we had to awkwardly send our stale bruschetta back, our main pasta dishes were incredible. It was lovely to have a meal just the two of us, as it rarely happens. Not to mention, my new carpet is amazing!

2) Freebie Friday

Friday started on a high with a couple of freebies… and who doesn’t love freebies? My colleague unexpectedly brought me in a bacon roll to start the day, which was so kind (and delicious!). Another colleague then sent round an email to let us know Pret were giving away free smoothies for an hour between 11am and 12 noon. So, I devoured a free Berry Blast along with half of the office…

3) Heading home

I turned my out of office on at 4.30pm on the dot on Friday and packed my bag for a week back home. My brother is away on holiday to America, so I volunteered to look after the girls. Coincidentally, it’s also the week of my birthday, so I thought it was a good time to take a break. I can’t wait to do absolutely nothing all week with a couple of poodles to keep me company.

4) Birthday bash

My friend and I headed to Glasgow on Saturday evening to have a little celebration for my upcoming birthday (did I mention it’s my birthday next week?!). We hardly ever see each other since I moved, so it was great to spend some tipsy time together. We headed to NY American Grill in Princes Square (for old time’s sake), before going to October for a couple of cocktails, then Bread+Butter for the rest of the night. The bartenders amused us with cheesy jokes all night and gave us some free shots, so it was a pretty great evening!

5) Heavy horses

I’ve gone horse daft again recently… This time, I headed to the Heavy Horse Show at East Kilbride with my parents and the poodles. Despite being ridiculously cold for mid-July, we had a lovely afternoon watching stunts, alongside Clydesdales and Shetlands being shown, including FOALS! Have you ever seen a miniature Shetland foal? There are no words…


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