Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #29

Happy Sunday Tuesday, guys! I hope your week has got off to a good start. I’m feeling refreshed after spending a week at home looking after the dogs and celebrating my birthday. Aside from some much-needed rest and recuperation, here’s what made me smile this week.

1) Some pampering

To kick-off my holiday, I went to the hairdresser for a spontaneous change. I was set on getting blue dip-dye again, but decided the night before to go for something a bit different. After being blonde again for a couple of years, I chose to get some brown back in my hair and leave the ends blonde. I have a habit of getting easily bored with my locks, so I’ll undoubtedly change my mind again soon!

While I was at the salon, I noticed a deal for gel acrylic nails and thought I would treat myself for my birthday. I never get fake nails, as I’m blessed with strong nails that grow pretty long on their own so I don’t really need them. But, it made a nice change to get them done for once. I also booked myself in to get my eyebrows done again before I went back to work, so I had the complete set!

2) My 26th birthday

I turned 26 on Tuesday! I woke up to open presents my brother and sister-in-law had left me, before taking the poodles out for a long walk in the glorious sunshine. In the evening, I opened a couple more presents at home, before heading out to an Italian for dinner with my parents, which was absolutely delicious. I received such lovely messages from a lot of people I didn’t expect and had a pretty great day all round.

3) Catching up with family

While I was home, my wonderful cousin arranged to meet me with her kids at Eglinton Park. I took the dogs along with me and discovered my aunt and uncle had come along too! We spent a lovely morning at the park, before heading for a bite to eat. It was such an unexpected day with relatives I don’t see that often, which was such a treat. Hopefully we’ll have more days like this in the future!

4) Spending time with the girls

Getting to spend an entire week with the dogs was utter bliss. They fill my heart with so much joy, I feel the most content when I’m with them. I made the most of the good weather and took them out for lots of walks, as well as lounging out the back garden with them. I won’t miss having to let them out early in the morning, however…

5) Sunday catch-up

I came back to Edinburgh on Sunday and met my friend for dinner and drinks. We went back to beloved Topolabamba, which I can’t recommend enough! There’s one in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The food is unbelievably delicious and served so fast, as it’s Mexican street food. I also treated myself to a couple of piña coladas because why not? We then headed to Wetherspoons for a few more drinks, before calling it a night. A nice way to end a pretty fantastic week!

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