Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #32

With a new week upon us, it’s time to reflect on the last seven days and the best parts of it. Unsurprisingly, one of the worst hangovers of my life didn’t make the cut… But, otherwise I had a pretty great week!

1) Some new decor

A laughably huge parcel from Dunelm got delivered to my work on Monday, which led to many a funny look on the bus home. It was full of cushions and some new bedding for my flat, which I’m really pleased with. I absolutely love buying decor and Dunelm is one of the best places around for cute homeware – how adorable are the woodland cushions I got?

2) Going to physio

It only took me six months, but I finally went to physio for my injured ankle (NEVA 4GET). I decided to bite the bullet and pay for private, as I would have to wait ages to be seen on the NHS and I’ve already left it so long. My ankle is still sore most of the time and I can’t do anything strenuous on it, so I’m hoping physio makes a drastic improvement. I was surprised at how sore my calf was, but it makes sense that everything is connected. I also discovered that I’m hypermobile, which explains my super bendiness, but it also means I’m more susceptible to injuries.

3) Some midweek merriment

With the arrival of the Fringe comes countless pop-up bars around the city, so it’d be rude not to take advantage. I went out for drinks on Wednesday with a bunch of work colleagues, which was a nice change. We did get terrorised by a wasp for most of the night, but otherwise it was a good laugh.

4) Black Fox and a show

I had a craving for my beloved peanut butter burger from Black Fox on Thursday, so headed along with my friend for dinner. They just so happened to have a piña colada slushie on as a special, which was pretty delicious, if slightly weird. We decided to go to an impromptu free Fringe show afterwards… forgetting that sometimes no one goes to the free shows! There was only six of us in the audience, and two of the guys were absolutely steaming, but it was still quite a funny show – just be warned if you’re heading to any yourself.

5) A Hawaiian-themed 30th party

My brother hosted his 30th birthday party at his house on Saturday night, which was Hawaiian-themed! The decorations were pretty great with homemade cocktails, balloons and leis everywhere. It was so lovely to catch-up with my family, especially my cousin who brought her beautiful baby boy. It was so cute seeing the dogs interact with him, especially Bo who must’ve seemed like a giant cuddly toy! I paid the price for mixing so many spirits, though, as I was up unwell for most of the night and Sunday was a complete write-off…

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