Flash Five: YouTubers

Did you know that YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, second only to Google? The video sharing site has become so much more than cat videos and epic fails – YouTube has spawned its very own breed of celebrity, from vloggers to beauty gurus to gamers. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny, which is why it’s such a great alternative to the likes of Netflix. I’m a pretty dedicated fan of several YouTubers, so I wanted to share my top five with you all – does yours make the list?

5) Shane Dawson

Shane is a YouTube veteran, but I only discovered him a couple years ago. Even in that time, his content has got more outrageous, alongside his personality. He now blowtorches Barbie dolls and microwaves electronics, in between discussing conspiracy theories and trying dumb life hacks. It’s mindless entertainment, but I find Shane absolutely hysterical to watch. His self-deprecating sense of humour is right up my street and he never fails to make me laugh.

4) Jenna Marbles

Another veteran, I’ve been watching Jenna almost since the beginning of her YouTube career. It’s been so wonderful to see her grow over the years and her content evolve into something she enjoys making every week. Her favourite type of videos are ones that just make her laugh, from Jenna’s Ratchet Salon to reading mean comments about her dogs, which just so happen to make her 17 million subscribers laugh too  – yup, 17 million! If it wasn’t for Jenna, I wouldn’t have discovered…

3) Julien Solomita

Jenna’s lovely boyfriend, Julien has really forged a name for himself on YouTube recently. His vlogs are a work of art, masterfully shot with drones and time-lapses, and provide an intimate insight into what life is like for himself and Jenna. I look forward to watching his vlogs every week and feel like he has a great connection with his viewers. Julien is also a great sport and often features in Jenna’s videos, like when she gave him acrylic nails and dressed him up as Princess Peach…

2) Dan and Phil

Like most people, I discovered Dan’s channel before Phil’s, but the two are now inseparable. They are undoubtedly two of the most successful British YouTubers there is with a live tour, radio show, book deals and more to their name. I’m an unashamed fangirl – I’ve been to said tour, bought said books and even have a Dan and Phil t-shirt (yes, I am a grown woman). Their gaming channel is my absolute favourite thing they’ve ever done, with their Sims series being the highlight – check it out for hours of hilarity.

1) Louise Pentland

Formerly Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise Pentland is my favourite YouTuber without a doubt. I’ve watched her for years now and she’s had one of the biggest transformations, even changing her brand to grow with her audience. I feel I relate to Louise more than any other YouTuber and love her new honest style. I’ve also been to see her show, LouiseLIVE, and bought all her books, from diaries to her first ever novel, Wilde Like Me. I may or may not be living vicariously through her…

My life wouldn’t be the same without YouTube. It’s part of my daily routine and I feel part of each community that has built around my favourite creators. Do you feel the same?

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  1. TizzyMatic

    August 17, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    YouTube is such a big part of my life, and that’s just from following some channels. In Fall, I’m hoping to join them. Watched them for years, now it’s time to get out there with them 💪.

    1. Donna

      August 17, 2017 at 9:22 pm

      Amazing, I hope it goes well! I’m still way too shy to get in front of a camera haha 😆

      1. TizzyMatic

        August 17, 2017 at 9:33 pm

        Same, that’s why I haven’t done it yet (plus the equipment that I don’t have) lol

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