Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #34

Hello, hello! It’s been a busy old week, from business trips to Fringe shows to furniture building. You also may have noticed something different about my blog. So, let’s get started on the best bits…

1) A trip to Elgin

On Wednesday, I headed up to Elgin for the first time ever with a few of my colleagues for a couple days of meetings. Believe it or not, it’s the farthest north I’ve ever travelled! Our hosts, Johnstons of Elgin, put us up for the night in their on-site accommodation and took us out for a lovely dinner, as well as giving us a tour of their mills. It was a great trip and I was even able to treat myself to a beautiful new cashmere scarf.

2) Some more Fringe fun

With the Fringe coming to a close, I made sure to go see a few more shows. On Friday, I went to see Nina Conti: In Therapy after seeing In Your Face last year. It was an improvised show with her alter ego, Monkey, and an unnamed ‘therapist’. While it was enjoyable, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I met my friend afterwards to go see a couple of free shows, which included one by a transphobic pensioner we walked out of and another by Sarah Bennetto, which was hilarious yet touching. On Sunday, I went to see my final show of the year, Improv She Didn’t Write. It was an improvised murder mystery with the participants in drag… I say no more.

3) A long weekend

After my trip to Elgin on Wednesday and Thursday, I decided to take a long weekend – it just so happened to coincide with the bank holiday, which I usually don’t take off. Aside from Fringe shows, I went to physiotherapy again and gave my flat a much-needed spruce. I may or may not have checked my emails the entire time I was off, though…

4) Going self-hosted

So, did you notice what’s different? I finally bought my very own domain! After years on, I wanted to take the next step on my blogging journey and made the switch to self-hosted. It was a little bit more complicated than I anticipated, particularly redirecting my old blog, which still has errors I need to fix. But, I’m finally in control of what my blog looks like (I’m still working on that, too!), I can manage the SEO elements and I actually own my content now! I’m excited to get my head around everything and see what lies ahead.

5) Another trip to IKEA

I’ve made more trips to IKEA recently than any sane person should, but that’s what happens when you buy your own place and realise you don’t have any furniture. This time, I bought a coffee table and side table for my living room, and a bookcase for my hallway. I’d like to say that putting everything together was a joy, but is it ever? Let’s just say we had to make an emergency trip to Homebase for pliers.

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