My Life Goals

I’m writing this post from a balcony in Ciutadella de Menorca. It’s a glorious 26 degrees and there’s nothing but crystal blue water in front of me with the odd boat dotted here and there. I’ve been unwinding over the last few days and had a lot of time alone with my thoughts. Usually, this would be disastrous for me, but it’s actually got me thinking ahead to the future – more specifically, what I want to achieve in the future. It’s pretty amazing what a good bit of vitamin D can do for your wellbeing!

I’ve narrowed it down to six life goals. The majority are physical things I want to do at some point in my life, while one is psychological. There’s no time limit on these or set deadlines I must achieve. They’re simply things I’d like to accomplish in my own good time. So, let’s get started, shall we?

1) Get a dog

No great surprises here, but I would love to get my own dog at some point in my life. I’ve wanted one for years, so it’s a case of when I get one, not if. I’ve taken a great step towards this by buying my own flat, so I don’t need permission to have a pet. The only thing stopping me is I don’t have anyone to look after it while I’m at work. I live by myself and have no family in Edinburgh who could help me, so I wouldn’t want to leave a puppy alone for too long. But, I’m going to research doggy day care and work on making this dream a reality sooner, rather than later!

2) Play the piano

I would love to be able to play the piano and read sheet music. I’ve had a keyboard since I was a teenager and taught myself how to play basic chords and songs through YouTube tutorials. But, I want to learn how to play properly and be able to play by ear. I adore listening to scores and piano moves me like no other instrument, so I would love to be able to play my favourite songs. The first step in making this dream a reality is saying goodbye to my trusty Casio and getting myself a real piano for my flat.

3) Visit New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings is my favourite trilogy, hands down. I own all the extended editions, have watched the special features countless times, and think The Hobbit films are trash in comparison. I simply need to visit the place where it all came to life at least once before I die. Just so you know, if you have a picture of yourself standing in front of a Hobbit hole, I am beyond jealous. The only things stopping this dream from coming true are the flight and who I would go with. I don’t love flying, but would tolerate it with the right person by my side.

4) Get married

That leads us onto the cheesiest goal of the lot, but I would really like to get married. Whether I would want the big white wedding with all the rigmarole that comes with it, I don’t know. But, I would like someone I can rely on, someone I can come home to every night, someone to travel the world with – you get the idea. I’m also keen to change my surname (if you know what it is, pun intended). It may go without saying, but I would also like to never get divorced once I do get married.

5) Write a book

This is one that is probably on a lot of people’s bucket list. I’ve always loved writing and want to see my name on a published book one day. It was my favourite part of school, I did it in my spare time growing up, and went on to studying Creative Writing as part of my undergrad degree. I then delved into the world of publishing when I did my postgrad in Edinburgh, so I know a fair bit about how it works behind the scenes. It taught me that it’s not easy to get published, and it’s even harder to become successful. There is the option of self-publishing, but I’d love to see physical copies of my book in shops, go through the marketing process, hear people talk about it – the lot. Maybe I won’t achieve all that, but I’d still like to write a complete novel one day.

6) Be content with my body

It’s no secret that I struggle with body image. It’s something that has affected me from a young age and I truly believe has stopped me living my life to the full. I lost a lot of weight recently, but after injury and ill health, I piled it all back on. It wasn’t until I looked back at pictures from a couple of years ago that I appreciated how much weight I’d lost. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy with the way I look. I want to be content with my body. I want to feel confident and shake the paranoia that others are always talking about my weight. This will probably be an ongoing challenge, but I won’t give up until I can look in the mirror and say “you did it”.

Looking to the future can be hard. I know I often struggle to be optimistic and make plans for fear of disappointment. But, I believe it’s important to set goals to give yourself purpose. We all need something to strive towards and make ourselves damn proud when we achieve it. No matter how big or small they may be, don’t give up on them.

Until next time,
Donna x



  1. CharlotteShares

    November 15, 2017 at 8:43 am

    This is such a lovely post with so many great life goal ideas! I love the fact that the ideas are all very different. I have to say being able to play a piano would be incredible!
    I’ve also bern doing a lot of reflecting recently about what I want in the future etc. I found writing it out in a blog post really helped!
    Charlotte |

    1. Donna

      November 15, 2017 at 8:52 am

      Aww, thank you ☺️ They’re pretty varied but mostly attainable!
      Oh, definitely. Writing your thoughts down always helps x

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