Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #39

Oh, hey. I haven’t quite got back into the swing of things yet, have I? But, I haven’t forgotten about these round-ups – I just haven’t had time to sit down and write them! I’m here now though, so let’s reflect on the week (and a bit!) gone by.

1) Getting tickets for The Prodigy

My favourite gig of all-time was seeing The Prodigy in Manchester back in 2015. So, when I heard they’d announced a tour in December, I simply HAD to get tickers. They went on sale on Friday the 29th and I was ready to get them when the clock struck 10am. I managed to bag two tickets for their Glasgow date and I CANNOT WAIT!

2) Karaoke with colleagues

Oh, yes. It might sound like a nightmare to some, but I went to karaoke with my colleagues for the first time on Friday night and it was so much fun! We went to Supercube for a couple of hours and sang gems like Go Your Own Way, Spice Up Your Life, Jolene and loads more. Everyone seemed to have a good laugh, which is exactly what you want in a work social!

3) WWE Network

Time for my inner geek to resurface – one of the highlights of my week was starting my free trial for the WWE Network. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically Netflix for wrestling and it is fantastic. Seriously. I spent my entire weekend watching vintage matches and falling in love with my favourite wrestlers all over again. I’m planning on being a cheapskate and cancelling my subscription at the end of the trial… but I may be tempted to keep it.

4) Going to Silverburn

It’s been a while since I went shopping with my Mum, so we headed to Silverburn on Sunday with the mission of getting me some new boots… we left with three pairs. It was a pretty miserable day, so everyone had the same idea and it was mobbed. But, we had a nice lunch in Zizzi and killed a few hours before parting ways again.

5) Going back to the gym

I seem to include this one a lot, but I’ve got a turbulent relationship with the gym at the best of times. I haven’t been in months and had lost all motivation to return. But, I discovered there’s a PureGym even closer to my flat than the one I was at previously (it’s literally a 3-minute drive) so I decided to transfer there and get my butt back on Sunday. I want to get back into a routine to lose some weight and build up the strength in my ankle again – wish me luck!

Until next time,
Donna x

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