Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #41-43

I blinked and missed weeks of these posts… again. You may have noticed it’s been getting harder and harder to write them. I wish I could say it’s because I’m too busy, but the truth is some weeks I simply can’t think of five things to include. I started with the mantra that there was nothing too small for these posts, that it’s the little things that count. But, even I’ve been getting fed up of saying I’ve been out for food and drinks every other week.

Most weeks I don’t actually do a great deal or anything remarkable. But, I don’t think that’s uncommon. We’re all creatures of habit, living our lives in routines and watching the days go by. But, there’s only a few weeks left of the year and I want to be able to say I kept up these posts, for the most part. So, what have I been thankful for over the last few weeks?

1) An exciting opportunity

That’s all I can say on this one.

2) Staying with the girls

My brother recently jetted off to sunnier climes, which meant I got to stay at his house with the dogs for a couple of nights. My mental health is never better than when I’m with them – I just wish it was more often.

3) Seeing an old friend

Remember a few weeks ago, my old uni friend got in touch to meet up? We finally did it! After not seeing each other for a few years, we had so much to catch up on in a short space of time. But, it felt like we’d never been apart and we’ve vowed to make it a more regular thing.

4) Doing more for me

I haven’t been very kind to myself recently, so I’ve been trying to treat myself on days that I’m feeling up to it. From going to the salon to taking myself out for dinner, I’ve been trying to enjoy my own company again and remind myself that I won’t always feel the way I do.

5) Falling in love with wrestling again

I told myself I was going to cancel my free trial of the WWE Network when my month was up. Well, the time has come and I can’t do it. I’m completely and utterly hooked again and you know what? I’m so glad.

Until next time,
Donna x

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