Cute Christmas Earrings

Christmas earrings are a wonderfully subtle way of getting into the festive spirit. They also make a really cute Christmas present, as long as you know they definitely have their ears pierced! Here are my favourite festive earrings I’ve found this year.

Christmas bows

I came across these beauties whilst on the hunt for Secret Santa presents. I’ve worn all three colours and had so many compliments on them! They’re not overly Chirstmassy, but still enough to bring some festivity to your outfit.

Tinsel trees

Remember when you used to get all your jewellery from Claire’s Accessories? Now in my mid-twenties, it never even crossed my mind to try there for festive earrings! These tinsel trees are a fun addition to your Christmas collection.

Christmas wreaths


A classy alternative to traditional Christmas earrings, these silver-plated wreaths don’t have a bit of tinsel in sight. Dotted with red, green and white rhinestones, these will add some festive sparkle to any look.

Red nosed reindeers

These cute little reindeer earrings would make the perfect stocking filler at a bargain price of £3. But, if you want to keep them all for yourself, I can’t blame you!

Christmas puddings

Christmas puddings are a classic symbol of the season – they also make pretty great earrings! Adorned with glitter, these baubles will sparkle on the dance floor.

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