My Christmas Decorations

This is my first Christmas in my very own flat, so I really wanted to make the effort with decorations. This meant buying my first ever Christmas tree and decorating it however I pleased, which was so exciting! It wouldn’t be Blogmas without sharing my decorations with you all…

I bought these icy snowflake lights last year in WHSmith (of all places!). They hang perfectly on my bookcase in the hall and have a little polar bear from Sainsbury’s for company.

I also bought these fairy lights last year, but not for Christmas – I used them to decorate my bed’s headrest. They’ve been in storage since I moved, but I figured there was no better time than Christmas to bring them out again! I’ve draped them over my TV stand, which is really cosy in the evening.

This foxy little guy was another bargain from Sainsbury’s. I love that he’s not overly festive, so I’ll be keeping him where he is once Christmas is over. I also picked up the polar bear candle holder from Sainsbury’s, as well as glittery silver candles to sit in it. I’ve been burning my favourite festive Yankee Candle, Christmas Eve, all month now and it’s so lovely. My parents sent me a beautiful Christmas card, which has taken pride of place beside it.

And there it is! I’m so proud of my tree, having picked everything out and decorated it myself. It’s a mighty 6.5ft, but I chose a slim one so it didn’t engulf my entire flat! I went for a silver and red colour scheme, which I’m really pleased with.

I’ve grown up with bows on my tree at home, so it was really important for me to get bows for my own to remind me of this. You’ll notice there’s no tinsel in sight – this is another thing I’ve picked up from my younger years. Our tree never had tinsel on it, but beads instead. I toyed with getting some beads for this tree, but I ended up not doing it – maybe next year! My tree topper is a glittery silver star, which is really simple but sweet.

I picked up my favourite decorations from – yup, you guessed it – Sainsbury’s! I found the adorable Santa jackets online and nipped into store specifically to get them. The reindeers were a lucky find beside them! There’s only one Rudolph, so he’s taken pride of place in the middle of my tree.

So, there you have it! I’m really happy with the little festive touches I’ve made to my home, which I’ll no doubt ramp up next year. For now, I’m enjoying my first Christmas in my own place…

Until next time,
Donna x

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