Cambridge Weight Plan: Month Two

Another four weeks have come and gone, which means I’m eight weeks into my weight loss journey! While I stuck to plan religiously in month one, I’ve definitely pushed the boundaries this month and allowed myself the odd treat. Did this impact my results?

In a word, no! I’m thrilled to say I’ve lost another 8lbs over the last four weeks, bringing my total weight loss to 24lbs so far. That’s over a stone and a half in two months, which I’m pretty chuffed about. I’ve got another seven months to go until I’m a bridesmaid, so I know I’ve got plenty of time to get to my target weight. I’m even more pleased that I’ve still managed to lose weight each week, despite not sticking 100% to plan.

So, what have I been doing that I shouldn’t be? Well, having the odd drink, for starters. It’s recommended that you shouldn’t drink any alcohol on the Cambridge Weight Plan, partly because of the wasted calories and partly because it’s hard to resist temptation when you’re tipsy. But, I discovered another reason why you shouldn’t drink much on this diet – the hangover is horrendous! As you’re consuming a very limited amount of calories, drink has a much faster effect than usual. I felt absolutely awful the next day, despite not drinking as much as I normally would.

Since then, I’ve been extremely careful of how much alcohol I drink and when. I’ve only allowed myself to have a drink a couple of times and no more than a few, at that. I’ve also been a bit more relaxed when it comes to fizzy drinks, which are also off-plan. I’ve enjoyed the odd Diet Coke and have soda water and lime whenever I’m out socialising. However, I’m conscious to limit these each week and still try to drink at least two litres of water every day.

I’ve also allowed myself to eat out more often. I still tend to order a beef or chicken burger without the bun and swap the fries for salad (although, I’ve admittedly given into temptation and had fries a few times this month!). I’ve also allowed myself to have a couple of chicken Caesar salads, as well as fish and chips, which was delicious. While it’s great I’ve still lost weight after enjoying these meals, I want to limit them so I don’t get complacent.

My consultant took my measurements in week seven for the first time since I started the Cambridge plan. I’d definitely noticed a difference on my top half in clothes, while my bottom half was being stubborn as ever. But, I was still shocked to discover I’d lost six inches off my chest, four and a half from my waist and two and a half from my hips. My thighs have always been a hard area for me to shift weight from, so I’ve only lost an inch from them so far. Likewise, I’ve only lost half an inch from my arms. But, that’s a grand total of 14.5 inches in seven weeks, which is still good progress.

I’m going to visit Rome for four days towards the end of March, so my consultant will move me up to Step 3 before going. This is so I can enjoy my holiday and not have to worry about sticking to plan for the duration of my trip. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects my progress. I don’t want to undo all my hard work so far, but I can’t wait to have some pizza and pasta! I’ll let you know how I get on in my next update.

Until then,
Donna x

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