Cambridge Weight Plan: Month Five

I’ve been on the Cambridge Weight Plan for a whole five months now and I’m delighted to say I’m still seeing results. After losing a total of 10lbs last month, sticking to a solid gym routine throughout May helped me lose another 9lbs!

This meant I smashed the 3 stone mark – in fact, my total weight loss to date is now 3st. 6lbs. That’s 48lbs gone since January and I don’t plan on seeing it ever again! My weekly results fluctuated again this month, following the pattern of: -1lb, -1lb, -2lbs, -4lbs, -1lbs. It’s so encouraging to know that you will see results on this diet if you just trust it.

Receiving my 3 stone award this month was a fantastic motivator, but finally seeing a difference in my body was an even bigger one. Since taking up the gym again, I’ve noticeably lost inches and dropped another dress size to finally be a 14 again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to buy that size and it’s the best feeling imaginable.

I’m not one for sharing before and after pictures, but I feel like now is the time to reflect on just how far I’ve come. While it’s all well and good writing the numbers down that I’ve lost, actually seeing results makes it all real. Okay, deep breath…

These pictures are from my (old) work’s Christmas party in December 2017. I loved my dress, but I didn’t love the fact that it was a size 18… and even then, look how tight it is on my massive arms. I also didn’t realise at the time how chubby my face had gotten, as well as my fingers. While I thought I looked alright in the selfie I took that night (on the left), seeing pictures that others had taken of me was eye-opening. It was then I vowed to make a change come the New Year to start losing the weight I had piled on.

Flash forward just a few months and I’m confident enough to take these pictures in my gym gear. The difference is unmistakeable, as I’ve lost inches from my chest, stomach, waist, thighs, arms – you name it. I’m really enjoying going to classes at the gym, like Body Attack, Body Combat and (even!) Sprint, and try to go four to five times a week. Seeing results is spurring me on to keep going and watch my body continue to change.

The difference in my face is perhaps the most dramatic, as I finally have features again! I swear even my nose is smaller… My face was one of the first places I started to lose weight from and it has continued to slim down, as the scales have dropped.

So, five months down, 48lbs gone and a world of confidence gained – but my journey isn’t over yet! I don’t want to set an exact target, as the number on the scales isn’t all that matters. What I will say is I want to keep going until I feel the best I’ve ever felt about myself and for once, I know that’s possible.

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