Things You Love That I Hate

Things have been a bit one-note around here lately, haven’t they? It’s fair to say that the Cambridge diet has pretty much consumed my life and seen as this blog is a reflection of me, it’s been diet post after diet post! I wanted to switch things up a bit and lighten the mood with this delightfully cheery post…

Things you love that I hate!

Okay, it would be more accurate to say things you probably like that I don’t really, but I’m all about the drama. If you’ve ever had someone gasp and look at you like you’ve grown horns when you say you don’t like something that everyone likes, then you’ll get what I mean. Brace yourself, you’re about to be SHOOK… or pleased that someone out there thinks the same way you do.
Can you believe?

The Beatles

Yup, we’re going in hard. This one is often met with shock, horror, dismay, disgust… you name it. But, I just cannot abide The Beatles. Sure, I can acknowledge how groundbreaking they were at the time and the lasting effect they’ve had on the music industry. But, please just don’t ask me to listen to them. I break out in hives when I hear the opening bars of “Hey Jude”…

Star Wars

Another one that is met with sheer disbelief, I’ve never really given Star Wars the time of day. I’ve seen the odd movie in the series, but I just can’t take them seriously. This mostly stems from my dislike of all things space-related… Seriously, I can’t watch anything to do with space (apart from WALL-E, of course, I’m not a monster). The irony is that I now work at a place that lives for Star Wars references and calls us Storm Troopers…


Lush bath bomb
Apparently if you have ovaries, you’re expected to worship Lush. Remember when the site had a meltdown during their Boxing Day sale because of the amount of people trying to snap up those obscenely expensive bath bombs at a slightly less obscene price? I don’t get it, personally. In fact, if you ever buy me something from Lush as a gift, you clearly don’t know me at all… as proved by multiple Secret Santa presents over the years.


The Lush thing makes a lot more sense now, huh? I will always, always choose to have a shower over a bath. Call me crazy, but the idea of soaking in my own dirt just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s also boring as hell, unless you risk getting a book all soggy or prop your laptop precariously on something. On a less superficial level, I find baths difficult because of my deep-rooted struggles with body image, so a quick shower is much easier to take – mentally and physically.


The laughter. Oh my god, the laughter. I’m sure this is where my hatred for shows that use laughter tracks comes from. Maybe I would find it funny if you weren’t shoving cackles down my throat. While most of the country rejoiced when Friends came to Netflix, I steeled myself for the resurgence of posts about how it’s ‘fundamental viewing for millennials’. I’ve managed just fine without it…


Cersei drink
Okay, this is one I genuinely wish I did like. My life would be a whole lot easier if I enjoyed wine. For once, I’d like to split a bottle of wine over a meal and feel like a functioning adult. But, I’ve never found one I like the taste of. I also had one of the worst hangovers of my life many moons ago when I drank rosé and lemonade from a teapot all night… Seriously.


While we’re on the subject, I cannot stand beer. It tastes like burnt toast. And it smells… gross. It’s so heavy to drink, I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy a pint of it. Unlike wine, I’m perfectly happy to live my life without it. I’ll stick to cider and spirits, thanks. And the odd prosecco, if you insist.


A little known fact about me is I hate the smell of crisps. I’ve actually been known to leave the room just to get away from it. I often feel queasy if I have to watch someone eat them too, especially when it gets to the licking all your fingers in succession part… Don’t get me wrong, I do eat them from time to time, but it’s usually plain old ready salted.

The beach

Nicki Minaj
“Let’s go to the beach, each.” I’ll pass Nicki, thanks. Sure, I enjoy taking the dogs for a walk down the beach every now and then. But, finding sand in your shoes for days is a high price to pay. You’ll rarely find me sunning myself on a beach when I go on holiday, either. I’ve definitely got my parents to thank for that one, as we never ventured to the beach on family holidays.


“Fancy a cheeky Nando’s?” No. No, I don’t. This place is one of the most overrated restaurants there is. Can you even call it a restaurant when you basically serve yourself? Thankfully, it’s become the butt of many a joke on lad culture these days, but it’s still popular for reasons I can’t fathom. The only slightly redeeming quality is their Peri Peri sauce… and even then, they didn’t invent it.


As a former (read eternal) emo kid, you’re expected to like Blink-182. They were up there with the staples – Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance… you get the picture. But, I’ve never got on the Blink bandwagon. Yet, I still know all the words to “What’s My Age Again?” because I have ears.

Cracking knuckles

I’ve saved the worst to last – I DETEST other people cracking their knuckles. It makes me physically recoil and take deep breaths until it’s over. I’m 99.9% sure this is a symptom of misophonia, as I can’t seem to help the intense reaction I have. What makes it worse is some of my nearest and dearest think it’s hilarious to do it deliberately around me… when I’m dangerously close to throttling them.

And there we have it! So, what’s the verdict – am I cray or do you share some of my grievances? Oh, and if these are some of your favourite things, I mean no offence whatsoever. Just don’t ask me to come round for a bottle of wine and Star Wars marathon any time soon.

Until next time,

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