Cambridge Weight Plan: Month Eight

Eight months! I can’t quite believe I’ve managed eight whole months on the Cambridge diet. It’s fair to say I’m well into the swing of my new routine and am feeling positive about keeping up the lifestyle changes I’ve made this year. So, am I still losing weight this far down the line?

Absolutely! August has been a really positive month, which saw me shift another 6lbs. That takes my total weight loss since January to 63lbs – exactly four and a half stone! I wish I didn’t have that much to lose in the first place, but I’m thrilled to have done so. The end really is in sight, as my body is definitely reaching its limit.

What is my new routine, then? While I’m technically still on step two of the plan, I rarely stick to the 800 calorie limit these days. But, I do try to ensure I only have one main meal a day and usually plan my day around which meal I’d like to enjoy each day. For instance, if I’d like to have a proper breakfast that day, I’ll be sure to have Cambridge products for lunch and dinner.

I’ve started to treat myself to low calorie snacks, like these little beauties, and have upped my fruit intake again. I still go out for dinner once or twice a week and will usually limit myself to two Cambridge products if I know I’m going out for a meal.

Christmas dress transformation
The difference a few months and a lot of determination can make…

As for the gym, I go to classes 4-6 times a week depending on what I’ve got planned – or how much I’ve ate! If I’ve been out for dinner a couple of times, I’ll be sure to hit the gym more to make up for it. It’s pretty simple, really; if you want to eat nice food, you have to make room for it!

My favourite class is still Body Attack, but I’m also fond of Body Combat and Sh’Bam for a bit of fun. In case you haven’t realised, my gym offers the full range of Les Mills classes to choose from. I’ve tried the majority of them by now and the only one I’ve refused to go back to is Body Pump – I’ve never known pain like it!

Now, the Big Day is almost upon us – my friend’s wedding on 23rd September. I’ve been working towards getting in shape for being a bridesmaid and I’m thrilled to say my dress fitting went really well. My dress is a size 14 and had to get taken in a lot at the top; the joy of being a pear shape! I can hand on heart say it wouldn’t have fit me eight months ago, so I’ve achieved my goal and then some. Brace yourself for all the wedding pictures next month!

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